You can find out more about me than you likely ever wanted to know on my website, It's the online equivalent of an attic: old, musty and disorganized, but maybe you'll find something interesting in there.

I was born in Garrett County, live here and love the area.  I am a "semi-pro" in the field of mapping and geospatial analysis, meaning that I have had formal training and used to perform this type of work for my day job, but now it is just a side interest for me. I've always loved maps and combined with my interest in the area, making a custom one was a natural progression.
It takes a lot to make a really nice map like this.  Research into the best data sources.  Vetting the data against the real world (e.g. for some reason every data source, including the US government's had the McHenry post office in the wrong spot). Then moving thousands of labels around so they don't overlap each other.

I hope you enjoy my maps!